Hi. I'm Kalen Aradia.

magick bean peddler

Are you really selling magick beans?
Unfortunately, my supplier Bernie has swindled me once again. I'm out. That's the last time I make a deal with a gnome, I tell you what!

Sigh...okay, so what can you offer?
Do not fret, dear one. If you're searching for mystical and magickal delight you've come to the right place. As an authenticity coach who specializes in psycho-spiritual development, my satchel is filled with faerie dust.

The Approach
My deep roots line in an Eastern European Jewess psychic-medium lineage mixed with Scots-Irish fae blood. This lineage culminates in a deep connection with the interdimensional highway, which feeds each and every one of our sessions delightfully.

The tools I use have been cultivated from my own experience of transformation. Although I primarily utilize tarot, astrology, and psychology I also sprinkle in reiki, indigenous practices, somatic experiencing, yoga, and arts-based methods.

As a trained actor, writer, and forever dreamer, creative expression serves as the foundation of the work I do. Combined with my psychological and spiritual background I have an ability to intertwine various worlds of discovery to encourage immense transformation.

I hold a Reiki 2 certification, astrological credentials, an MA in Psychology, and a 200 RYT. I am currently in pursuit of my Ph.D. in East-West Psychology and 300 yoga teacher certification.

We will be a good fit if...
You are ready to free yourself from the stifling illusion of inauthenticity through deep processing work, fun, and exploration.

Get to know me.
Get to know my personality by venturing into the content I've curated below. If you feel comfy with my style, feel free to book a session using the snazzy button.